As the real estate tycoon and the 45th elected President of United states of America, Donald J Trump holds a great importance on the media and other communication channels. His publicity is not only on the press and print media but also on the social media. He is pretty famous for his tweets. Among all this fame, the question arises how tall is Donald Trump? Although it is a normal question but there are many reasons to raise this question. The controversy that arose due to the difference in the height stated on the driving license and Doctor of Donald J Trump.

Weight of Donald J Trump

In the medical files of 2016, the weight of Donald J Trump is listed as 236 pounds. If we compare with the height in the 2016 files which is stated to be 6 feet and 3 inches, this states that he is overweight but not clinically obese while some of the facts such as his driving license and the observed difference in the pictures is evident that he looks a little shorter than his stated height. The actual height is 6’ 2’’ which is if compared with the 236-pound weight, the statement comes that President Donald J Trump is clinically obese and overweight according to his body mass index.


The nature of the President Donald J Trump is considered to be extrovert and outspoken. The nature of a person has a great impact on the decisions he makes and works he speak. So is the case with the president and with the personality he has it is observed that the extrovert personality will affect many issues in the office. This issue arise many questions regarding the type of presidency he will have and the decisions he will make. Many psychological researched have been found in this context and they show great results in accordance with the personality, social and psychological point of view. The overall personality is considered to be extrovert and narcissism and the relativity of these traits are shown according to the leadership traits of previous presidents of United States of America.

Leadership Skills

Basically, whenever we talk about a leader, there are many traits that have a great influence on the decision making. The way he feels, talks and think has a great impact on the future. Many other psychological traits make a huge impact on the leading position. Donald J Trump has a strong personality and has many characters that are on the extreme. This type of personality is normally rare for the presidential elective member. He can be a good leader and demonstrate fine skills if he uses the traits like enthusiasm in a positive way but the feelings like negative emotions and emotional instability should be suppressed in this scenario

With all these personality traits you can have an idea about the personality of the newly elected president. Also, the answer to how tall is Donald Trump? Is known correctly by this.

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